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About Us

Ponesai Vanhu Technical College was established by Development Aid from People to People in Zimbabwe (DAPP) in 1981 to provide self-reliance courses for young people from neighboring communities.The College is situated in Mupfurudzi Resettlement Area under Shamva District, Mashonaland Central Province and is 147km from Harare along Bindura - Mt Darwin-Shamva road. The College is near Chindunduma High School and Madziwa Teachers’ College. Ponesai Vanhu Technical College has a capacity of housing 80 boarding students and 20 day Scholars. The college is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development.

It is also accredited to offer examinations under the Higher Education Examination Council (HEXCO) as well as Institute of Business Administrators and Secretaries (IBAS) boards. This makes the College a center for professional and vocational training excellence. The course period range from 6 months on short courses, 1 year on National Foundation Certificate 2years on National Certificate to 4 years on diploma programs. The training qualifies the youth to solve technical tasks and provide new solutions to the modern world problems affecting humanity.


To be the leading provider of quality professional skills training in Zimbabwe and empower the Nation through high quality open and distance e learning enabled by technology.


  • To meet skills development needs by offering a wide range of courses to all citizens.
  • To meet the Techno-prenuership education standard of creating wealth and innovation amongst youths in Zimbabwe

Objectives of Ponesai Vanhu Technical College

  • To provide students with a foundation in Automotive, Construction, Business and Management practices
  • To impart modern technical skills relevant enough for competent practice in the field

Today, Ponesai Vanhu Technical College trains candidates from all over Zimbabwe with the aim of giving skills that could be used in the reconstruction of the Zimbabwean communities. The aim was to give skills to the youths that they could use in the reconstruction of their communities and hence to earn a living through creating their own employment as well as creating employment for others. Since then, Ponesai Vanhu Technical College has given Zimbabwean youth vocational training and developed many to acclimatize to, and accommodate the dynamics of time, demands and situations of the day.


  • Diploma in Agriculture (NDAGRIC)
  • Diploma in Horticulture (DIP.HRTC)
  • Diploma in Agriculture specialising in Tobacco Production (DIP.AGT)
  • Certificate in Agricultural Practice specialising in Tobacco Production (CERT.AGT)
  • Certification in Agriculture (CERT.AG)
  • Certificate in Electrical Power Engineering (CERT.EPE)
  • Certificate in Clothing and Textile (CERT.CT)
  • Certificate in Hotel and Catering (CERT.HC)
  • Certificate in Brick and Block Laying (CERT.BBL)
  • Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery (CERT.CJ)
  • Certificate in Motor Vehicle Mechanics (CERT. MVM)
  • Certificate Automobile Electrics and Electronics (CERT.AEE)


Business And Management Courses:
Accountancy 1 year full time National Certificate (HEXCO)
Banking And Finance 1 year full time National Certificate (HEXCO)
Marketing Management 1 year full time National Certificate (HEXCO)
Human Resources Management 1 year full time National Certificate (HEXCO)
Accountancy, HRM, Marketing, Banking and Finance. 3 year full time National Deploma (HEXCO)
Automotive Engineering:
Motor Mechanics:
(Diesel and Petrol mechanics)
1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Civil And Construction Engineering:
Brick and Block Laying 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Tourism And Hospitality:
Food And Beverage Services 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Food Preparation 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Food and Beverage Services 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Bakery Studies 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Housekeeping 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Housekeeping. 1 year National Foundation Certificate (HEXCO)
Tourism & Hospitality Management 1 year National Certificate (HEXCO)
Short courses-Basic Requirement; Ability to read and write:
Motor Vehicle Maintenance 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)
Confectionary& Bakery Studies 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)
Beauty Therapy 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)
Computer Operations & Packages 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)
Electronics And Gadget Repairs 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)
Building 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)
Dressmaking-Cutting & Designing 8 months Basic (Training for Enterprise)

Besides the above courses Ponesai Vanhu Technical College also offer short term courses ranging from 3-8months which results in many youths being awarded certificates in their areas of specialization. These courses are being offered alongside the long term certificates and diploma courses. Management of the institution have realized that there is demand for short term courses resulting from the indigenization and youth empowerment drive that is encouraging the young generation to start up and manage their small enterprises. Through this drive, the government believes the youths will contribute meaningfully to national development by making affordable and good quality commodities be available, create employment and pay tax.

Below are the short courses offered at Ponesai Vanhu Technical College:

  • Garment Construction
  • Cosmetology
  • Confectionery and bakery studies
  • Building
  • Welding
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Operations and packages
  • Electrical Gadgets Maintenance and Repair

Some short courses are run as a result of partnership in development with the Zimbabwean Government and other world partners complementing the goal of securing Public Private Partnerships in line with the Zimbabwe new dispensation program. Ground breaking news is that in the year 2019- 2020, the college secured partnership for scholarship program through the Belgian government (EU) called Enabel (TVET for ALL) meaning Technical Vocational Education Training).
The partnership targeted the training of 400 less privileged youths in eight months short courses listed above. Ponesai Vanhu Technical College FOR Development Aid from People to People) trained and housed 200 students while Chaminuka Vocational Training Centre trained and housed the other 200 students. Bindura University of Science Education was responsible for the baseline survey whilst Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe is responsible for implementation and monitoring of Disability Rights in Zimbabwe and Zambia programs in partnership with DAPP. The teaching and learning activities at Ponesai Vanhu Technical College are meant to merge theory and practices, making sure that the youths have an improved set of attitudes towards their environment, society and gender.


Ponesai Vanhu Technical College: a home away from home for all students and staff. Life at this College is different from other institutions. The college is 5.0 compliant whereby students and teachers practice hands on approach in making the environment conducive for learning and staying. The order of the day is so unique to any new member as one gets to be exposed to several activities from class work to extra curricula activities. One wakes up in the morning and starts the day by attending to a small portion of the school called area of responsibility. This calls for all students to be out of bed by 6am, spend about an hour attending to areas, prepare for classes, and then be in class by 8:00am. All day till 4pm will be lectures and practice time in respective departments.

Every Monday and Friday morning (7:30 to 8:00am) its common time in the college’s dining hall, together as one family tackling various topical issues affecting life at school, the community and the world. This is special time where we exercise our oneness as PVTC family, each member freely giving views, comments and suggested solutions to problems. Monday and Thursday all students and staff go for a life skills session where members work in groups from 4pm to 5pm (green hour) assisting maintenance staff in different productive units including the

school’s grounds. The aim is to use our skills and talent to produce our own food in the garden and fields as well as learn to maintain our own environment. The aim is to create a sense of responsibility and accountability in all learners as a life skill. Every learner and the lectures are sensitive to issues of Global warming and climate change and as a result carry out teachings to the nearby communities and other schools. Activities like raising tree nurseries, stopping veld fires, conserving fish through digging fish ponds, conservation farming and many more are always practiced at the college.

Inclusive Education promotion at Ponesai Vanhu College

Youths with disabilities are among the most disempowered and disadvantaged groups in Zimbabwe. Ponesai Vanhu Technical College in partnership with Leonard Cheshire Disability Zimbabwe (LCDZ) has adopted inclusive education in its effort to fulfil the institution’s mission to meet skills development needs by offering a wide range of courses to all citizens. PVTC offers equal training opportunities to all members of society regardless of gender, social background or disability status. In the year 2020, the college has upgraded its infrastructure to suit the conditions of the youths with disabilities in any course of choice under the short courses. 25 male and female students with disabilities were well accommodated and supported equally just like any other student in the school. We believe everyone is talented if supported and can be trained to use his or her skill.


Account Name: Dapp Ponesai Fees (Nostro)

Account number: 11991119959

Bank name: Nedbank Zimbabwe

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Ponesai Vanhu Technical College
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+263 783 705216